Growing Strong, Ambitious & Positive Leadership
Offering A Broad & Enriching & Inspiring Education
Enabling Our Students to Achieve Remarkable Success Through The Highest Expectations
Preparing Every Student for a Successful Future as a Valuable Member of Society
Developing Our Colleagues Through The Best Professional Leaning Opportunities

CHET’s Ethos

CHET is a thriving multi-academy trust with an all-through, cross-phase family of local schools and colleges. Our common aim to provide children with excellent education and deliver continuous improvement through support and collaboration.

At CHET, we seek to learn from and share with each other so that we continue to provide exceptional education across the Trust and beyond and improve standards in the region. Our partnership provides the conditions for the sharing and creation of best practice through high quality professional development and leadership.

We are committed to fostering positive relationships, within and across our schools. We believe in the importance of each school serving and sitting at the heart of its unique, local community, as well as benefiting from wider partnership opportunities.

Our Values

A shared commitment to CHET’s fundamental values, listed below, influences the strategic direction and decision-making across the Trust.

offer high quality, comprehensive education for all across a range of phases and settings.
realise every learner’s potential, irrespective of prior attainment or background.
keep learning excellence at the heart of everything we do.
value broad educational experiences and personal development.
provide rich and varied learning opportunities.
foster strong and productive partnerships.

Our Vision

Since CHET’s inception in 2014 as a multi-academy trust, its ambitions have been centered on doing what’s best for children and ensuring that high-quality learning experiences are at the heart of schooling. CHET’s ambitions are as follows.

  • Growing strong, ambitious and positive leadership.
  • Offering a broad and enriching and inspiring education.
  • Enabling our students to achieve remarkable success through the highest expectations.
  • Preparing every student for a successful future as a valuable member of society.
  • Developing our colleagues through the best professional learning opportunities.
  • Serving our local communities and play an active role in local and national networks.